• Strategy Development

    Epicentre assists organisations in developing an Employee Wellness Program strategy that is informed by the health risk of the employees, and will provided a measurable return on investment.

    Components of the strategy development include:

    • Assessing the health risk of employees with available data
    • Assessing existing employee health and safety intervention effectiveness, alignment and possible duplication.
    • Identifying gaps in interventions
    • Providing a plan to improve employee health with measurable benefits for the organisation
  • Policies and Procedure

    Policies and procedure to support sustainable Wellness Programs

    What is a program set up?
    As the well-known project management saying goes: “Half planned is half complete.” This couldn’t be truer for a workplace program too.

    What is an Employee Health policy?
    It is a document that outlines the organisation’s position on HIV, AIDS and Wellness within the workplace. It also defines their planned response and expectations of employees.

    What are the benefits of developing a policy?
    A policy is critical in defining the rules of the game. It ensures that management has a uniform approach to managing wellness within the workplace. It also provides employees with a clear understanding of the organisation response to preventing health risks and managing ill health when it occurs.

    Developing a plan and policy

    • The Epicentre HIV/AIDS and Wellness Implementation Manual provides a step-by-step guide to assist organisations in designing their programs around best practices. The manual includes guidelines on policy development, and mainstreaming the program into the organisation’s policies and processes – thus ensuring sustainability.
    • Epicentre’s project start-up workshop is a one-day intervention involving key stakeholders.
    • It fast-tracks the development of a workplace plan which includes timelines, a resource plan, roles, responsibilities and budgets to implement the organisation’s workplace program.
    • Ongoing support is available to co-ordinate and manage the program.
  • Behaviour Change Programs

    What is the purpose?
    There are two objectives. Firstly to influence an employee’s behaviour so that ill health is prevented and secondly, to educate the employee about the condition, thus enabling them to live positively.

    What are the benefits?
    A reduction in future costs such as health care, absenteeism and disability claims by preventing the health condition from occurring.
    The early detection of health conditions means that conditions can be treated earlier and more effectively.

    Why is behaviour targeted?

    1. Detection and management of chronic conditions
    2. HIV and AIDS prevention, testing and treatment
    3. To improve diet, exercise, weight and smoking habits
    4. To manage stress and depression
    5. Relationship and financial management
  • Health Screening

    Screening employees for health conditions and referring them into treatment and care programs are effective methods of preventing the future cost of undetected health problems.

    Network of nurses
    Epicentre has a national network of nurses who can provide health screening for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and HIV during wellness days.

    Wellness days
    Employee wellness days are often organised by the medical aid consultant, HR department or a wellness committee. Epicentre assists the planner to identify the health needs of the group and to develop a strategic approach to health screening that

    1. Focuses on the risks of the employee group
    2. Ensures high employee uptake
    3. Monitors and captures the outcomes of the health screening to track improvements over time
    4. Includes a risk assessment questionnaire to assess health risks and interventions
    5. Claims the costs from the medical aid where applicable to prevent duplication of costs
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

    What is monitoring and evaluation?

    Monitoring and evaluation enables the organisation to assess the quality and impact of its employee wellness program.

    What are the benefits?

    It assesses how well the program is doing against targets and indicators. It also provides the organisation with impact details, and allows for informed decision-making.

    Type of M&E services

    1. Epicentre assists organisations in implementing monitoring and evaluation programs that measure the return on investment of their wellness programs.
    2. To aid organisations with the implementation of M&E programs, Epicentre has designed a software system that captures wellness program activities, and provides key reports, as well as monitoring and evaluation dashboards.
    3. Epicentre evaluates wellness programs on behalf of the organisation or donor organisations.