The MITRA Microsampling Device

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The MITRA Microsampling Device Explained

Unlock the potential of advanced scientific research with the remarkable MITRA Microsampling Device. Designed as a three-in-one specimen collector, this cutting-edge device empowers you to collect, store, and transport blood samples effortlessly.

The MITRA Microsampling Device

The MITRA Microsampling Device features a groundbreaking volumetric absorptive microsampling technology, brought to life by its absorbent VAMS® tip. By harnessing the power of this innovative technology, the device collects a precise, fixed amount of blood with unparalleled accuracy. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional sampling methods and embrace the future of precision analysis.

One of the standout features of the MITRA Microsampling Device is its incredible stability. After use, this device remains stable for an impressive 14 days at room temperature, ensuring the integrity of your samples. No more worrying about sample degradation or logistical challenges during transportation. With MITRA, you can have complete peace of mind.

SAHPRA Approved

The Mitra micro sampling device from Neoteryx, a US-based company, has been approved as a Class B in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical device by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) in South Africa.

Flexible Application

Flexibility is at the core of the MITRA Microsampling Device. Whether you’re conducting research in a laboratory, venturing into the field, or even working from the comfort of your own home, this versatile device seamlessly adapts to your needs.

Join scientists from all around the world who rely on MITRA for remote research studies, clinical trials, and public health surveys. Empower yourself to collect data efficiently and contribute to groundbreaking discoveries.

Benefits Of This Product

Revolutionizing Precision Analysis, Cost Effectiveness, and Boosting Enrolment!

We understand that cost-effectiveness is a crucial aspect of any research endeavor. That’s why the MITRA Microsampling Device is engineered to be a cost-efficient solution.

By minimizing sample waste and reducing the need for complex equipment and extensive training, this device streamlines your research workflow while optimizing your budget. Now you can achieve more with less, maximizing the impact of your valuable resources.

But that’s not all. The MITRA Microsampling Device has an unexpected bonus—it boosts enrolment. Its user-friendly design and non-invasive collection process remove barriers for participants, encouraging higher enrollment rates in your studies. By enhancing the accessibility and comfort of the sampling experience, MITRA empowers you to reach broader populations and expand the horizons of your research.

By embracing decentralized trials and remote sampling, the MITRA Microsampling Device transcends the boundaries imposed by geographical limitations. No longer constrained by physical proximity, researchers can effortlessly access participants residing in remote areas, engage diverse populations, and extend the scope of their studies. This new-found flexibility not only bolsters enrolment rates but also enhances the representativeness and generalizability of research outcomes.

The MITRA Microsampling Device harnesses the immense potential of dried matrix microsampling, which has undergone scientific validation to ensure unwavering data integrity. This empowers researchers to confidently analyse their samples, extracting invaluable insights from the realm of accurate and consistent results. Bid farewell to the quandaries of fluctuating data and unlock an elevated level of confidence in the integrity and reliability of your research findings.

Unlock precision analysis, cost-effectiveness, and increased enrolment with the game-changing MITRA Microsampling Device. Embrace the future of scientific research and accelerate your discoveries. Order your MITRA Microsampling Device today and take your research to new heights!

Convenient To Use & Transport

Using the MITRA Microsampling Device is effortless, making it an ideal choice for researchers and participants alike. The device’s user-friendly design ensures a smooth and seamless sampling process. With its volumetric absorptive microsampling technology and absorbent VAMS® tip, precise collection of a fixed amount of blood is achieved effortlessly.

The device eliminates the need for complex equipment or specialized training, allowing for hassle-free sample collection that saves both time and effort.

When it comes to storage, the MITRA Microsampling Device excels in providing utmost convenience. Once the blood sample is collected, the device remains stable for an impressive 14 days at room temperature. This eliminates the need for immediate sample processing or the requirement for specialized storage conditions such as refrigeration or freezing.

Researchers can now enjoy the flexibility of storing samples conveniently, without the pressure of time constraints. Whether you are conducting a study that spans several days or require additional time for logistical arrangements, the stability of the MITRA Microsampling Device ensures the integrity of your valuable samples.

Transporting samples has never been easier. The stability of the MITRA Microsampling Device extends to its suitability for shipping. The device’s robust design ensures the samples remain secure and intact during transit. With the elimination of the need for cold chain logistics, you can simplify your shipping process, reduce costs, and minimize the risk of sample degradation. This convenience enables seamless sample transportation from remote locations to centralized laboratories or research facilities, promoting efficient collaboration and data sharing.

By combining ease of use, extended storage stability, and streamlined shipping, the MITRA Microsampling Device redefines convenience in the realm of scientific research. Researchers can focus more on their study objectives and less on logistical challenges. Participants can engage in sampling with ease and comfort, contributing to the overall success of the research endeavor.

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