Project Description

ALAFA Lesotho HIV Sero-Prevalence Study (2009)


The Apparel Lesotho Alliance to Fight AIDS (ALAFA) is an industry-wide programme providing prevention and treatment for over 40 000 mainly women workers in the Lesotho apparel industry.

In 2009, ALAFA requested a follow-up HIV and KAP survey among garment and apparel workers in Lesotho in order to assess the impact of HIV preventative interventions since the baseline study in 2007.

Epicentre assisted with the data collection which was carried out in the textile and apparel factories over five weeks from March to April 2009. Each interview entailed a structured questionnaire and a blood sample taken to determine HIV status. Fourteen assistant researchers were trained to administer the questionnaire and collect blood sample using Dry Blood Spot test kits.

The publication that resulted from this study can be downloaded here.