Project Description

HEAIDS HIV prevalence study (2008-2009)


The Higher Education HIV/AIDS programme (HEAIDS) develops and supports HIV mitigation programmes at South Africa’s public Universities, Technical, Vocational and Training Colleges.

In November 2007, Higher Education South Africa commissioned HEAIDS to establish the knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and practices (KABP) related to HIV and AIDS and to measure the HIV prevalence in the tertiary education sector of South Africa. For this study, interviews had to be held with staff and students at 21 public, higher education institutions in South Africa.

Epicentre managed the fieldwork for this study in the period August 2008 – February 2009 and ensured that the data collection of this complex study was successfully concluded. This included:

  • Obtaining written informed consent from all participants.
  • Distribution of a self-administered questionnaire used to obtain demographic, socioeconomic, behavioural and higher education institution related data.
  • Obtaining dried blood spots by finger prick for laboratory testing.

The effort Epicentre put in resulted in a very high take-up rate of the survey: out of a total of 29 856 eligible participants available at testing venues, 23 605 (79.1%) participated fully by completing questionnaires and providing specimens.

The publication that resulted from this study can be downloaded here.