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For both Research Use & Bulk Orders (20+ Boxes) Only:

Research tests are not for use in diagnostic procedures, RUO products are not to be used for diagnostic purposes, patient management, clinical purposes, or for investigational use.

Our Rapid Tests Explained

Epicentre’s extensive selection of validated tests, global reach, and a focus on customer satisfaction. Through research collaborations and a commitment to public health, Epicentre contributes to early detection, improved outcomes, and scientific advancements in healthcare.


Within South Africa, availability of product and finding a supplier you trust is an issue. Many suppliers have no experience using the product they are selling. When using other rapid test distributors it’s common practice to simply receive a box in the mail with small & hard to understand instructions on a one-page leaflet.


Epicentre has 22 years of research experience using the products we provide. Thus, we are able to provide in person or virtual training in the use of all our products. We also have extensive partnerships and as such are able to provide a wide range of tests suitable for specified tests in the study protocol.

Benefits Of This Product

Enhanced Testing Efficacy and Accessibility

With 22 years of research experience we are able to offer:

✔ Wide Range Of Tests

✔ Training & Support

✔ Extensively Validated Tests

At Epicentre, we take pride in our rapid test distribution services, which offer a key benefit of enhancing testing efficacy and accessibility. Our extensive range of validated tests ensures that healthcare providers, researchers, and organizations can rely on accurate and reliable results for detecting infectious diseases or conditions.

With a strong commitment to quality, we meticulously validate each test to meet the highest standards of performance. This enables our clients to align their testing needs with specific study protocols, ensuring the relevance and reliability of their research outcomes.

We go beyond traditional distribution by providing comprehensive Training & Support services, including in-person and virtual training sessions and prompt responses to any queries or concerns. By combining validated tests, personalized support, and a focus on accessibility, Epicentre empowers our clients to make informed decisions, achieve improved testing outcomes, and contribute to advancing healthcare and research endeavours.


Sexually Transmitted Infections:

1. HIV

2. Herpes

3. Syphilis

4. Gonorrhoea

5. Chlamydia

6. HPV

7. Hepatitis

Respiratory Infections:

1. COVID-19

2. Influenza A & B

3. RSV

4. Strap A

5. Malaria

6. Bilharzia

Lifestyle Diseases:

1. Glucose (Diabetes)

2. Cholesterol

3. Blood Pressure (BP)

Reproductive Health:

1. Pregnancy

Please note that this is a concise overview of the tests available in each category. For detailed information on each test, including specifications, usage instructions, and additional tests offered, please refer to our comprehensive product catalogue or reach out to our dedicated support team

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