Smart Statistical COVID-19 Tests

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Smart Statistical COVID-19 Testing

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Use Statistics to Combat COVID-19!

We have a plan! Epicentre has developed SMART Statistical testing! This innovative workplace and organizational COVID testing method uses stats to test a much smaller number of employees over the long term; to find out when COVID enters your business, track the infection and pin point where COVID is in your business!

This will not only work to catch COVID before it has taken root in your workplace, but will also help you manage and keep out infections over the long term!

This method of testing will not only be cheaper and easier to maintain over the long-term, but will also help you know what your business’s weak points are! So we can help you put in place behaviour changes that work!

COVID-19 Facts

COVID is here for the next two years at least and is highly contagious (CDC, 2020).

For every 1 person who gets infected with COVID-19, they infect 2 others.

But, half of all those who catch the virus will be asymptomatic (show no symptoms) at least initially (CDC, 2020).

They will not know they have the virus but will still be very contagious;

as on average you are infectious 2 days before you show symptoms (CDC, 2020).

This will let the virus in the door and it will sneak into your entire company undetected!

That’s why we need to screen!

Smart COVID-19 Testing

Stage 1

Test a random percentage of your workforce monthly

Let’s catch COVID-19 infections early before it spreads!

Let’s detect where COVID-19 has seeded in your workplace

Stage 2

Let’s know which department to focus on before it spreads!

Let’s isolate & treat those spreading the virus

Let’s change behaviour & prevent infection!

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To protect our employees, we need to remember 3 facts as a South African business owner:

We need to stay at work for our economy & our mortgage payments!
This virus is sneaky and highly contagious
& it’s going to be here for at least the next 2 years!

The best way we can combat COVID-19 is to do more than test entire workplaces! Thousands of tests every 3 months, is not efficient, and it’s not a long-term strategy.

That’s why Epicentre has contacted our global partners and hit the books. We’ve used out of the box thinking to our club members’ advantage.

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