Working Wellness

Epicentre News • 21 April 2020


n light of the current crisis as a country we need to be taking our businesses health programs and policies far more seriously. If we want to protect essential workers something has to change. This change needs to happen in a structured way that and be based on logic, and proven results.

Evidence has shown that business need to be implementing far more robust programs to take health in their like the Working Wellness a program offered by Epicentre a licenced medical aid subsidiary. This kind of program has shown to be extremely effective in getting South Africa’s workers on HIV treatment.

Epicentre’s Working Wellness is based on a 4-step service focusing on changing more than just policy but also partnering with employees and employers to positively impact the health culture in the organization. Epicentre’s Working Wellness package is based on a model developed by the distinguished Centre for Disease Control a long-time partner of the company.

Current Business Wellness

  • HIV Testing that Links to Care

  • Clear Understanding of Gaps in Program

  • Evidenced-Based Methods

  • Inclusion of HIV preventative Measures

  • High HIV Infection

  • Uncontrolled HIV levels

  • High Absenteeism


Epicentre Working Wellness

  • Clear Structured Process

  • Based on Evidenced-Based Model Developed by the CDC

  • Flexible & Based on your Unique Health Needs

  • Includes VMMC

  • up to 65% Prevention of New HIV Infections
  • Up to 75% Drop in Future Absenteeism


The 4 Step Working Wellness Package:

  1. A Pre-Assessment
    • a. We will systematically identify your needs for the program in collaboration with your employees so we can discover the best health strategy together
  2. Planning & Management
    • Program set up will begin!
    • The implementing team will be recruited from your workplace
    • Epicentre will customize our training manuals, policies and role & responsibility to fast track implementation and ensure sustainability
  3. Implementation
    • Experienced staff will be provided from our national network to implement the intervention in your workplace
  4. Measuring & Evaluation
    • A scorecard and evaluation system will be set up to measure our program outcome and ensure an incredible impact

This has a package has been shown to have massive impact on not only the safety and health of those at work but also positively on the productiveness and turnover of staff for organizations. Businesses need to invest in the potential of those they employ as workers are not disposable but a valuable, trained and productive member of an organization’s team.