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Why Epicentre?

We believe in making a positive impact.

An NGO with 21 years of expertise in South African health research, whose journey started in 2001 with the fight against HIV. We then continued this mission by battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Epicentre has two decades of experience in conducting skilled health interventions to combat epidemics. Our interventions have focused on Covid-19, TB, Sexual Transited Infections (STIs), as well as chronic diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. We proudly partner with local stakeholders such as government organisations, tertiary institutions, community policing forums and local businesses to implement evidence-based health research programmes, resulting in positive impact across sub-Saharan Africa.

We offer a wide range of services, including HIV status monitoring, private Walk-In Lab testing, discount study testing and health research intervention implementation!

Our branches are located in Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town

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Walk-In Lab Testing

Epicentre pathological lab testing available at our branches! When you come to one of our branches you will be able to book a blood pressure test, and a number of other blood tests customisable to your needs.

Helping communities, individuals, organizations, & businesses.

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Our Wellness Testing

Proud Past & Present Partners

The Department of Health, local businesses, colleges, academic institutions, the South African Police Service (SAPS), faith-based community groups, and NGOs are just a few of the key partners with whom Epicentre collaborates to conduct programs.

Epicentre Wellness Testing is done in partnership with ehealth.

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Public Health Research

Using established procedures, Epicentre has a plethora of experience in creating high-quality laboratory and interview data, strengthening local survey capacity, providing publicly accessible data to support public health programs, and creating specimen archives for future study. We collaborate diligently as a team, specializing in financially sound scientifically and technologically advanced public health research. We assist our clients and partners to implement their research protocols in partnership with communities and to publish findings that informs policy. Through our research, our goal is to provide a lasting positive impact on society.

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Public Health Research


Our Programs

Epicentre aids communities and organisations to assess their health based problems. We then plan, manage and put in place COVID-19, HIV and wellness programs that have proven results. We are then able to look back on these results and evaluate within each organization. That is why we offer a comprehensive product based on a proven model developed by the distinguished Centre for Disease Control (CDC). We also implement skilled evidence-based health interventions within workplaces, health facilities, schools, universities, and communities, with the focus of creating social progress that multiplies into commercial growth which triggers positive impact for the people of South Africa.

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Impact Evaluation

At Epicentre, we believe in partnerships to help you deliver the result your communities deserve and your funders expect. That’s why we work with you to do a pre-evaluation in partnership to close gaps before your evaluation.

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Program impact assessment

Past & Current Projects

We have worked on various clinical and impactful projects, with the commencement of various surveys and studies, such as the DREAMS Evaluation Study, the Healthcare UTIlisation and Seroprevalence Survey (HUTS), South Africa’s National COVID-19 Antibody Survey (NCAS), and many others.

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