Dr Carmen: My COVID Experience

Epicentre News

Dr Carmen & Epicentre’s latest episode in our series on COVID has released. This time it’s more personal. Dr Carmen shares her personal story of battling COVID as one of the first doctors in the country to catch the deadly illness.

Dr Carmen Explains

  • What symptoms she experienced,
  • How long she was sick with her mild case of COVID
  • & How her friends and family helped her recover

Dr Carmen like many people knew this virus was somehow different. Dr Carmen as a young person with no underlying conditions had a mild case.

Her symptoms lasted 2 weeks but were not what she had expected. There was no cough, no fever & thankfully no shortness of breath. But she did lose her sense of smell & she was deeply tired and had a very sore throat & body pains.

Her friends & family were watching her symptoms closely, but at no time did she feel sick enough to go to hospital. But to help her family cooked for her & helped her dispose of her waste.