Why has Epicentre Launched Pathological lab testing?

Epicentre News • 01 March 2022

Epicentre has launched pathological lab testing at our branches! When you come to one of our branches you will be able to book a blood pressure test, a number of blood tests and other routine tests for typhoid, mumps and rubella.

Epicentre has a vision, we want to put the power of health back into our customers hands. Currently, patients in South Africa have an issue. You have no ownership over your test results. Those are your results, but you can’t see them or touch them. The current system doesn’t benefit you or your health. South Africans can’t afford this process, and it is unnecessary. You should have access to an easy and uncomplicated testing process that is conducted gently with professionalism.

That is Epicentre’s mission, we want to put the power of health back in your hands. When you come to Epicentre, your results will be sent directly to you. We will provide an explanation of what each test is testing for. And you can simply choose the test you want off a menu.

Epicentre was one of the first health care providers in South Africa to give our customers the power to own their own COVID-19 test results, and we are continuing that vision. For 20 years, we have battled infectious diseases in our country, and we intend to continue that mission.