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When you sign up with Epicentre not only will you be supporting a company that has been proudly creating jobs for college graduates and proving healthcare services to South Africans of all walks of life across the country for the last 20 years.

But you’ll be complying with government regulations on having a workplace testing partner for FREE; and you’ll be adding value and safety to your business.

The moment your employees are exposed or show symptoms of a COVID-19 infection, you can call on Epicentre to test and contain your infection outbreak. Giving your business the clarity it needs to thrive. You’ll also be giving your employees the surety they need to continue working.


We are heading towards a massive wave of infections estimated to result in 12 million COVID infections by the end of the year. Let us help you protect not only your employees but your business as well!

Our government has stipulated that every organization with over 500 employees needs to have a testing partner. Although there are many organizations offering partnerships, your company needs someone with value to add. A company like us.

Who is Epicentre?

For 20 years Epicentre has worked steadily as a multi-ethnic team to fight against infectious diseases, now we’re taking on COVID!

Founded on a vision of a South African future free of diseases, Epicentre has been helping its clients and partners to build strategies, develop partnerships within their communities and implement programmes that have a lasting and positive social and financial impact.

A Partner with Experience

Having worked at the forefront of South Africa’s HIV epidemic, we have exclusive access to real data on how to combat infectious diseases in South Africa’s workplaces. With the rise of COVID we can’t afford to waste anytime, you need to have a partner with the experience and skill to combat COVID, and we can guarantee we have that.

More Than Just Testing

Prevent infections and plan for success! When you sign up with Epicentre, we will give you free guidelines we have adapted for South African workplace. Use our experience and your insider knowledge to design your unique COVID business strategy together! Using our longtime health and project partner, the Centre for Disease Control, we have developed an evidence-based flexible process to make sure you see tangible results.

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If you join the COMBAT COVID CLUB your workplace will have access to this exclusive testing strategy!

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