Epicentre is a research organisation that conducts data collection for academic research and helps other researchers to provide independent and dynamic impact evaluations. We have experience working in a variety of different settings and countries.

Epicentre’s Currently Working On:

Healthcare UTilisation and Seroprevalence Survey (2020-)

HUTS aims to find out more about the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa.

NCAS aims to find out the
actual extent of COVID across South Africa. Epicentre will be visiting 6,540 households in 436 communities nationally

Epicentre’s Past Work:

ManUp: Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (2018-2019)

Based in KwaZulu-Natal & the Western Cape. Lowering HIV infection by 60% in men from 14-65 years old.

LSHTM Evaluation of The Sugar TV Drama (2018-2020)

To evaluate the effectiveness of the Gates Foundation-funded TV drama on HIV transmission.

SAMRC YW&G impact evaluation (2016-2019)

To determine the impact of the Global Fund intervention on HIV incidence in a household-based representative sample of young women and girls in ten districts across seven provinces in South Africa.

CAPRISA Adolescent Network Study (2016-2018)

To identify HIV transmission linkages that contribute to the source of infection in adolescent girls in rural KwaZulu-Natal.

CAPRISA ARV File Review (2015-2018)

To identify gaps and weaknesses in HIV and TB service delivery, specifically in uncovering bottlenecks in the detection and management of 2nd and 3rd line ART failure and TB drug resistance.

SAMRC ANC and HCT evaluation (2016-2017)

To assess if routine antenatal care data could replace the national study and evaluating the standard of HIV counselling and testing.

SAMRC validation of the death register (2017-2018)

To assess the accuracy of the SA death register.

NICD Crag+ study (2017-2018)

To evaluate the screening and treatment for Cryptococci meningitis in SA.

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