We’ve Updated our Website!

Epicentre News • 06 Jan 2022

Epicentre has updated our website. We have made everything more stream lined and easy to use. We aim to make COVID-19 testing as easy as ordering fast food, and we are one step closer to that goal!

How did we do it?

Our website was first overhauled during lockdown last year. We brought on a young team fresh out of university and had Aimee with the aid of Epicdev, a local and talented internet development company, create the website.

Aimee had no previous experience with website development, so Epicdev’s team would walk her through any issues she encountered. It was an extremely effective strategy that allowed us to learn how to manage our own website whilst still delivering a high quality product.

The most recent update was provided directly by Epicdev. Over the last 2 years, Epicentre has been churning out content but wanted their site to be easier to use. We had several meetings to discuss what we wanted to achieve, then over 2 weeks we transformed our website yet again.

Was It Worth It?

Our timing was very good, our website finished its latest transformation right before the arrival of the latest strain Omicron, which has rocked South Africa and many people’s travel plans these December holidays.

Many of our clients have appreciated our overhaul, as it has made our site easier to navigate and avoided frustration. This has been ideal as it avoids frustration when emotions are running high.