At Epicentre we know we are offering quality to our clients. Not only are we offering 20 years of experience in success but a unique range of skills that separates us from the rest.

Our Services:

  1. Public Health Research
  2. Program Outsourcing
  3. Program Implementation
  4. Program Evaluation
  5. Medical Devices & Equipment
  6. Epic Private Testing

Our Guarantee:

  • Evidence-Based
  • Structured & Planned
  • Electronically Executed
  • Monitored & Evaluated
  • Customized to Meet Your Needs


Public Health Research

Epicentre has an extensive history of scientific and technical expertise in designing and managing large-scale national surveys.

Public Research Includes

When you partner with Epicentre to start a research project you’re getting much more than a trusted name!

Our clients get:

  1. A Successful track record

    • With 20 years of experience in sucessful projects

  2. An Electronic data collection
    • We are experienced REDcap partners
  3. A Staff Database
    • We have a national network of supervisors, field workers, data collectors & drivers
  4. A Control Centre
    • Experienced at tracking field teams & keeping them safe
  5. Medical equipment & supplies
    • To ensure we can collect quality samples
  6. A Clinical trial Laboratory
    • To process samples efficiently

Global & Local Partners

  • Our surveys are informing national policy on disease in Southern Africa such as
    • South Africa’s National Strategic plan for HIV, TB and STIs 2017-2022&
  • & Infroming international public health responses by
    • the Center for Disease Control (CDC),
    • the World Health Organization (WHO),
    • & President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)
Let’s partner on your Program!

Program Outsourcing

Epicentre helps communities, researchers & organizations to conduct quality programs.

Giving you our access to our exciting technology, expertise, staff-networks, & communications influence.

So you can get the data & results you deserve!

Public Health Research

Outstanding Outsourcing

  • A field staff recruitment service
    • giving you access to our network of experienced field workers
  • Data management and rental of equipment
  • Communications influence
    • giving you exclusive access to our social media
    • leverage off our stakeholder relationships in both the private and public sector
Lets implement a Program!

Program Implementation

Epicentre helps communities & organizations to assess the health-based problems. We then plan, manage and put in place COVID-19, HIV and wellness programs that have proven results.

We can then look back on these results and evaluate within each individual business.

That is why we offer a comprehensive product based on a proven model developed by the distinguished Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

Incredible Implementation

  1. Our program designs use evidence-based practises are

    • Making sure they are well-designed and well-conducted

  2. The needs of the targeted population inform the program through a ‘Participate Approach’
    • Meaning your perceptions and attitudes are taken into account
  3. We conduct planning in a facilitated manner
    • Allowing a multi-sector team plan
    • This aligns their activities and intents and decisions around a common program.
    • Clearly defining workstreams, timelines, roles and responsibilities
    • & identifying and managing risks
  4. We have a national database of staff to support program implementation
  5. We evaluate the program outcome to ensure it delivers results and has a positive impact

Proud Program Implementations

  • ManUp Voluntary medical male circumcision,
  • HelpAIDS Peer Education manual for older people,
  • Nelson Mandela Bay Metro peer education revitalization,
  • Rainbow HIV prevalence & KBP survey, peer education, testing & linkage to treatment
Lets Evaluate a Program!

Program Evaluations

At Epicentre we believe in partnerships to help you deliver the result your communities deserve and your funders expect.

That’s why we work with you to do a pre-evaluation in partnership, to close gaps before your evaluation.

Efficient Evaluation

  1. Before we start evaluating a program, we clarify with our client the following questions

    • What will be evaluated?
    • What criteria will be used to judge program performance?
    • What standards of performance on the criteria must be reached for the program to be considered successful?
    • What evidence will indicate performance on the criteria relative to the standards?
    • What conclusions about program performance it justifies, based on the available evidence?
  2. We apply the six-step framework for evaluation
    1. Engage stakeholders
    2. Describe the program
    3. Focus the evaluation design
    4. Gather credible evidence
    5. Justify conclusions
    6. Ensure use and share lessons learned
  3. We test and share our recommendations
    • Sharing draft recommendations
    • Soliciting reactions from multiple stakeholders
    • Presenting options instead of directive advice

Proud Past Program Evaluations

  • ManUp Voluntary medical male circumcision,
  • HelpAIDS Peer Education manual for older people,
  • Nelson Mandela Bay Metro peer education revitalization,
  • Rainbow HIV prevalence & KBP survey, peer education, testing & linkage to treatment
Let’s Get you the medical equipment & devices you need!

Medical Equipment & Devices

Epicentre is a soon to be ISO 13485 accredited institution. We want to make diseases prevention accessible to everyone. That’s why we provide the correct medical supplies & tests at reasonable prices.

Supplying communities, individuals, organizations, & businesses.

Certified Medical Equipment & Devices

  • Epicentre is soon to be ISO 13485 accredited institution.
  • We want to make diseases prevention accessible to everyone
  • We provide the correct medical supplies & tests at reasonable prices.
    • We only supply products that are SABS, CE or FDA approved, and come with authentic certificates
    • We supply to the end user to ensure the best end user pricing, to make this possible we request upfront payment
  • We draw from local stock where possible or import with a 5-10-day lead time.

What Do We Supply

  • We pack and barcode sample collection kits
  • We provide gloves, needles, plasters and other complementary equipment for research studies.
  • Partnering with CDC laboratories to process of research samples.
  • Epicentre will provide all kinds of COVID-19 treatment and protective equipment
  • Including alcohol, masks, gloves, aprons, face shield, gowns and suits at reasonable prices.

Proud Partners

  • Epicentre is the local agent of the Asante HIV Reciency Test.
  • The Asanté™ HIV-1 Rapid Recency® Assay is a single-use rapid in vitro immunoassay that distinguishes HIV-1 infections on the basis of recency of infection
all inclusive and cost effective testing!

Epic Private Testing

A testing service that is safe, easy and affordable.

Epic Testing – Let’s end the confusion!

Epic COVID Testing

Finally, an affordable testing option for your family! Do you need to test yourself, and your family, for COVID-19? Would you like a trained nurse to bring your test right to your door?

Epicentre is a licenced medical aid practitioner that you can claim back from your medical aid! Why wait any longer? Book your test today!

Why use Epic Family Testing?

  • We allow you to self-refer
  • We are flexible – you can have just the test or you can add on our telephonic doctor for an appointment
  • Our telephonic doctor can be on call for you & your family every step of your treatment journey
  • Conduct the test in the comfort of your home
  • Find out more here!
  • Book an appointment here!

Why use Epic Work COVID Testing?

At Epicentre we have a mission – we want to make South Africa disease free!
  • We are flexible so we can test employees at a location that is most convenient to you
  • Give your business the clarity it needs to conduct risk assessments and make informed business decisions
  • Give your staff the reassurance they need
  • Tests performed by Epicentre trained nurses
  • We provide back to work COVID-19 testing & Guidelines for monitoring staff once they are back at work for possible new infections.
  • Get a quote here!

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