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Epicentre Health Research

A medical research organization with 20 years of experience providing pathology services. We have experience in running clinical trials and are GCP compliant.

We will ensure that your samples get from site to our lab in the required time frame & we also supply results timeously

We sell the vials you need pre-barcode & in addition to other vital medical equipment

Quality assurance

We are a specialist laboratory clinical trials partner that supports research and development in the pharmaceutical and the biotechnology sectors. With Epicentre, you can expect uniformity of equipment, instrumentation and methodology. Our team, are experts in the development and approval of new therapeutic agents. We efficiently manage the laboratory component of clinical trials, so you don’t have to!

Our Services

GCP compliant

All inclusive reasonable pricing

Efficient delivery of medical equipment

Trained professionals with experience in running clinical trials

Recognizable brand name

National coverage with offices in DUR, CT and JHB

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