What Experts Know About Getting 2 Pfizer Boosters

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It’s official, the vaccine goal posts keep moving. This isn’t new, no one expects 1 flu shot to protect you from flu season forever.

But as the CDC approves a second COVID-19 mRNA booster, it does raise two important questions:

1. Is having 4 shots of Pfizer (a second Booster) going to protect me from COVID?

2. And even if it does, is having 4 jabs safe?

What is a mRNA Booster?

An mRNA Vaccine booster is an additional COVID shot of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine (Maragakis, & Kelen, 2022)

What Experts Found Out

On the 2nd of January 2022, Israel began giving people over 60 their fourth Pfizer vaccination. Scientists studied 1 252 331 of these elderly Israelis from January 10, 2022, to March 2, 2022 (Yinon et al., 2022).

Yinon et al., (2022), found that giving people their 2nd booster:

Bad news =

❌ The vaccine’s ability to protect the group against getting COVID spiked and then decreased during the 3 months that were studied.

Good news =

✔ The booster lowered the group’s chances of getting COVID-19.

✔ It decreased their chances of getting a serious case of COVID.

✔ This protection against serious COVID remained throughout the 3 months that were studied.

Is It Safe To Get 4 Shots Of Pfizer?

The side effects of a booster shot are similar to side effects from a first vaccine (NICD, 2022). These symptoms do not mean you are sick (Maragakis, & Kelen, 2022). They are just a signal from your body that your immune system is responding to the booster and is building up protection against COVID-19 (Maragakis, & Kelen, 2022).

5 kinds COVID jabs?

How Much Immunity Does Previous Infections Offer?

After the 4th wave of COVID, 97% of South Africans had antibodies to COVID-19 due to vaccination and/or infection (Bingham et al., 2022). This is a big jump from the 45% overall immunity we found in our HUTS 1 Study in Nov 2020 to April 2021.

Yet South Africa has still gone through a 5th wave.

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Vaccinating Your Teens With Pfizer

How much protection do teens have after a Pfizer vaccination? We look at a study was done in Norway by Veneti et al., (2022), to answer this question.

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