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The blood donation is simple and easy

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What is Lab Check?

Lab check is a study that is looking to use blood samples to test vaccines and antivirals against. A key aspect of this study is being done to study the antibodies in participant’s body is making to fight the infection. This will enable us to better understand how strains of COVID-19 and our bodies antibodies react to vaccines and antivirals.

What Does Lab Check Involve?

The study team is reaching out to selected participants. They will then ask them to donate some blood and answer a few important questions. This blood will be tested for antibodies to COVID-19. Results of this test will then be sent back to participants.

Who Is Epicentre Health Research?

We’re an NGO with 21 years of expertise in the South African health research industry.

Our Guarantee is evidence based, structured & planned, electronically executed, monitored & evaluated, and customized to meet each research project’s needs.

How Will This Study Help Fight COVID?

This study will enable us to evaluate new diagnostic tests for COVID-19 that detect antibodies in blood. It will also help us to design vaccines and therapies to prevent or treat infection.

What Will Happen to Participant’s Donated Blood?

The specimens will be tested for COVID-19 antibodies at the NICD in Johannesburg. We will also ask their permission in the consent form to store your samples for future public health COVID-19 research in South Africa, and if you agree, in COVID-19 research laboratories in other countries that the NICD is working with.

Your samples will not be linked to any of your personal details, and your personal information will not be shared. Samples will only be used for research related to COVID-19. Your personal genes will not be tested in any way. If someone wants to use these samples in a future study, they would need to first get permission from an Ethics Committee.

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