Asanté TM HIV-1 Rapid Recency ® Assay

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*For Research Use Only: Asanté TM HIV-1 Rapid Recency ® Assay tests are not for use in diagnostic procedures, RUO products are not to be used for diagnostic purposes, patient management, clinical purposes, or for investigational use.

The Asanté™ HIV-1 Rapid Recency® Assay Explained

The Recency test is designed to determine whether a positive HIV specimen is a recent or long-term infection. The average duration of a recent infection is approximately 180 days.

Asanté™ HIV-1 Rapid Recency® Assay

The Asanté™ HIV-1 Rapid Recency® Assay is a rapid, 20-minute in vitro immunoassay that distinguishes recent from long-term HIV-1 infections. It provides real-time surveillance of new HIV-1 infections and estimates HIV-1 incidence rates in a population.

This assay can be used with blood (both venous and fingerstick), serum, or plasma specimens and can be performed either in a laboratory or as a point-of-collection test. It offers a false recency rate comparable to the Sedia® HIV-1 Limiting Antigen (LAg)-Avidity EIA laboratory assay. With this assay, recent HIV-1 infections can now be detected more quickly and easily than with previous lab tests.

What is This Test Used For?

✔ Real-time surveillance of new HIV-1 infections to inform resource management.

✔ Evaluating the impact of HIV intervention programs on new infections.

✔ Identifying populations at risk for targeting HIV vaccine trials and monitor the effectiveness of vaccine candidates.

✔ Detecting new “hot spots” of infection for targeted prevention programs.

Benefits Of This Product

Easier, Faster & More Convenient To Use

The Asanté™ HIV-1 Rapid Recency® Assay offers cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and speed compared to conventional HIV-1 incidence laboratory assays. It requires no laboratory infrastructure, simply add a loopful of specimen to the test strip, and dip it in the sample buffer to start the assay.

Low False Recency Rate



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