Now Hiring Junior Researchers

Epicentre Recruitment • 07 April 2021

Epicentre is now hiring junior researchers for our NCAS project. Help us embark on our next exciting instalment. Join our team and help your country fight back in the war on COVID-19!

Epicentre is looking for Junior Researchers who are:

  • Have a positive attitude, are full of energy and new ideas
  • We need people who are self-disciplined
    • Have the ability to control themselves and to make themselves work hard or behave in a particular way without needing anyone else to tell them what to do
  • We need people who are highly motivated
    • A person not only works hard, but is also proactive, which means that they look for things that need to be done without being asked.
  • People who are bubbly and outgoing
  • Comfortable meeting different people

Information about the Job

Epicentre has run two national COVID prevalence studies:

  1. The National COVID-19 Antibody Study (NCAS)
  2. Healthcare UTilisation and Seroprevalence Survey (HUTS)

We are currently recruiting for our NCAS study. This project will last for 2-3 months further. However, there will be more opportunity to continue working with us based on how well you work with the Epicentre team.

Epicentre Supervisors

  • We have positions available in
    • JHB, DUR, & CT
  • You will go to homes in your area and help us interview the families that live there
  • You will be working in your respective province, but you may also be expected to travel to neighbouring provinces for short 2-week periods.
  • Work weeks will be 5 days from Sunday to Thursday, and from 10am to 7pm

Position Benefits

Working with Epicentre is Great

  • This will look great on your resume
    • You will gain great work experience
    • We work with many other research companies & many companies want to hire previous Epicentre employees
    • Working on the national prevalence studies will be something many people will read and will definitively be something you can brag about during interviews
  • There will be many more opportunities to continue working with us
    • Lots of upward mobility
    • Lots of opportunity to work on other projects
  • We will pay for accommodation, travel, and other business based costs during travel to other provinces
    • With an extra R1000 on your salary when you travel to help pay for food costs
  • Continue living at home!
    • With the arrival of COVID we are keeping our teams stationed in their province as much as possible, which means minimal disruption to your home life
  • We hire based on the best candidate for the job which means if you only speak English that’s okay!
    • Epicentre will be sending you into areas that speak your language

How to Apply

To apply we need you to:

  • Send your CV to
  • And then click the red button below called ‘Apply now’
    • This is to fill in our survey to help us get to know you as a candidate,
    • This is important for our recruitment process